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Title Description Status
SSA & Might Ring To prevent spamming SSA & Might Rings on bot we are working at an exhaust system for these 2 items. Done
Market System Many of you requestes the Market System. We have in plans to add it. To Do
Cast System As the Market, Cast System was requested a load. We have in plans to add it. To Do
Oldera & Futura Create 2 Worlds on Trapera, Oldera for lifetime server, Futura for fresh wipes. All characters before fresh wipe will be transfered to Oldera. To Do
UH & Paralyze UH is not deleting paralyze. Done
Missing NPC Missing NPC that is buying items: tortoise eggs, turtle shell, pair of earmuffs. Done
Asuras Asuras exp place too overpower. Done
Healing Spells Healing spells formulas seems to be wrong. Done
Client Options Few client options are making black tiles on screen for players, (vertical sync, dash, optimization level auto, fps limit) they were enabled by default. We turned them off. Done
Tasks count There was a bug that was counting sometimes 1 monster as 2 kills in our Task system. Fixed. Done
Missing Raids We have added raids for few missed POI bosses: Mr. Punish, The Handmaiden, The Imperor, The Plasmother and Countess Sorrow Done
Raids Wiki There were no informations about all raids on our wiki, now it's done: - Wikipedia - Raids Done
Health & Mana Bars There was a bug with health & mana top & circle bars on level advance, it wasn't showing the real amount. We fixed it Done
Ornamented Ankh It is now showing the amount of blesses you have if you click Use on it. Done
Machete Cutting wild growth took sometimes many tries before success, now it's working after 1 hit of machete or whacking driller of fate. Done
Knights skilling This vocation was skilling too slow comapred to all others. We improved a littlebit it's skilling. Done
Paladin SD Players were complaining about Paladins damage from SD, it was too high. We reworked the SD formula and now the damage depends a littlebit more from magic level and less from level. We speak about 10%~ adjustment Done
Cap unit We reworked the cap unit in our client to show it entire without commas. Done
Slime poison field It was totaly bugged, working well now. Done
Starting items Some starting items were droped on the floor because of bad configuration, now it's fixed. Done
Strong Haste Utani Gran Hur had bad formula and it was giving less speed that it should, now it's fixed. Done
Outfits Images Fixed missing outfit images on website, in highscores and characters profile pages. Done
Characters Market We have added Characters Market on our website to let you sell and buy characters safier. Minimum 30 level for sell. Done
Wikipedia Added missing informations to our Wikipedia about Feroxa update and new Agardia missions. Done
Client Acc Name Now it's hidden for better security for players that are streaming, sharing their screen. Done
Website Items Added missing website items images. Done
Shop Prices We reworked our Shop Prices to finish allways by 00 or 50 to make it more friendly when buying more than 1 item. Done
Tasks rewards Tasks were giving too much experience and gold because of the possibility to repeat them 3 times. We nerfed these rewards, now there is 2x less XP and Gold for each task. Done
Items Box We made a big misstake by adding Items Box to the shop on last edition. It never should be in there and it was a littlebit broken and p2w on the start at the last edition. We apologize for that fail. This time Items Box will be obtainable only from bosses. Done
SSA & bot At the moment we don't have the techology that will permit us to check PVP bot users to be 100% sure that they are using a bot. We gonna work on it in the future but now to prevent abusing Stone Skin Amulets we made a pull and the community choosen the buy price change from 5000 gold to 15000 gold. Done
Knights MW They have a real problem on our server to reach the 8 magic level to shot magic walls, that's why we reduced the requested mlvl to 7. Done
Items speed A load of players were reporting that the global speed on our server was too big. We analysed these reports and we found a bad calcul in all our items that are giving speed, they are giving it 2x more then it should. Fixed. Done
Yellow Skull When someone get Yellow Skull on the attacker with White Skull and then attacker loose the skull, Yellow Skull was still there if the deffender doesn't lost PZ. Now if the attacker loose the White Skull, the Yellow Skulls will dissappear no matter what. There is also 1 minute of PZ for killing Yellow Skull, we work at the fix. Done
Exeta Res There was 1 second more exhaust for all actions after using exeta res, we fixed that. Exeta res was not working on runing monsters on low health, it's fixed too. Done
Loosing House Some houses have no town configurated, so when players were loosing their houses, items were dissapearing from the server because they gone to non-existent town. Now if a house have no town items will go by default to Karmia's depot. Done
Auto loot Players requested that if many members of a party have autoloot, only leader of the party will take items from bodies with this system, we made that. Done
Holes Holes could open with shovel even if there was trash on them, now you have to clean first the hole before being able to open it. Done
Stamina It was completly bugged, that's why we didn't use it. Now we fixed it but we are not sure about making it run yet. We want to add a possibility to regen stamina being online. If we have time to add this, the stamina system will be on. Done
Dungeon Bosses We add a system that clear final bosses if players die in dungeons. In Progress
Proxy We have deleted the "France" proxy from our client because it was offline and many players tried to connect with it without success at the start. We didn't keep this proxy, because it gave 0 changes in ping. Done
Blesses Some players were complaining about loosing items on 5 blesses. In our formula if you have 5 blesses you have 0 chances to loose items. We made a load of tests and it is working well but we added logs. Now, if someone loose items with all blesses, we will be able to know what happened and of course refund. Done
Tutors We want to make tutors recrutation, that's why we add tutors position to our engine. Done
Fields Sometimes (rare) fields are spamming damage every 0.1 second, we work at the fix. In Progress
Magic Wall Shoting Magic Walls on fields that are added by the map editor is not working. In Progress
Stack Damage When shoting runes on stacked player only 1 player is hitted, we fixed it. Done
Bank When you have 0 cap and you want to withdraw 15k for exemple, it will give back 5k to bank and 10k will dissapear. We work on a fix. In Progress
POI There is a bug, that is live on many servers, you can skip making rooms to pass directly to rewards. We found this bug with friends on a server, it wasn't abused on our server because not may players know how to do that but we fixed it. Done
Invisible Monsters Now you can shot runes to invisible monsters. Done
Buying Items There was no possibility to buy more than 100 items from NPC. Fixed. Done
Exeta vis Is making infinite enchanted staff, we work at the fix. To Do
Sending money Impossible to send money to offline players, we work at the fix. To Do
Boat When a player write a destination before you and you write Yes, you will swim to that destination. We work at the fix. To Do
CTRL + R It's not working for making reports, we work at it. To Do
Whacking Driller of Fat Unable to use the shovel function for scarabs, we fixed it. Done
Bosses Adding some bosses raids near our Towns and the Solo Bosses system. More info about Solo Bosses there: - Wikipedia - Solo Daily Bosses Done
Slippers Quest Added more monsters to Slippers Quest because it was too easy and items are very strong. Done
Hanna Added orichalcum pealrs to NPC Hanna. Done
Black SQMs We already fixed a load of bugs with black SQM freezes in our client. There were still some of them because of monsters spells that has no sprite. We fixed them. Done
Black SQMs We already fixed a load of bugs with black SQM freezes in our client. There were still some of them because of monsters spells that has no sprite. We fixed them. Done
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