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by GOD VodkaGuN
GOD VodkaGuN

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<b>Dear Traperians,</b>

We are still working on Trapera, and we made a big progress, there are things that we fixed/added :

- Shielding mode
- Exhaust on combat -> healing spells and vice versa
- Tasks counting in Party for all that hit a monster
- !share command exhaust added
- Added war mode icons
- Fixed dissapearing nicknames while stacking
- Label spaces and tabs bug fixed
- Puting rings / amulets / boots on equipement is fixed while using potions / runes / spells
- Ban for frags is now deleting correctly
- Account status on characters page
- Ordering news by news date, not last post reply
- When you have not enough capacity for your money withdraw, the money that u can't handle return to the bank
- Using Life Crystal is giving a Life Ring
- Added new payment method : Fortumo
- Showing ping in our client
- New monsters : Bog Raider, Wyrm
- New items : Focus Cape, Paladin Armor
- Proxy in France (P1 = Poland, P2 = France)

Theses changes are actually on the server from 06/03/2020. If you have problems with the client, you have to exit it and make update.

We are actually working on:
- Proxy in America
- New continent with a load of quests
- Fixing the missing retro outfits images on website
- New war system with nice reward for winner guild
- Creating wiki of the server
- Creating trapera map that you will be able to navigate on
- Inq
- New training system with hours limitation of training and unique rooms
- Fixing the stamina system

Trapera Team
06.03.20 11:14:37
Edited by GOD VodkaGuN
on 09.03.20 13:49:06

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