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New season
by GOD VodkaGuN
GOD VodkaGuN

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New season
<b>Dear Traperians,</b>
After months of inactivity, we decide to launch new season of Trapera on <b>12th November at 17:00 CET</b>.

<b>What's new this time?</b>
- At the end of the last edition we created an <b>Daily event:</b> The player that reach the most of experience during 24 hours everydays, can fight a special boss which have a special loot. You can learn more <a href="">there</a>

- Few bugs were fixed to keep gameplay smoothy

- First 300 accounts will receive <b>400 premium points</b> for only 1 IP. If you abuse making a load of accounts you will not receive them!
Points will be added when the 300 accounts will be reached

- A PACC lottery will be made on our <a href="">Facebook</a> and <a href="">Discord</a> so don't forget to follow us on these social medias

- A <b>Guild Tournament</b> can be organised if Guilds are interested for some <b>Cash prizes, team speak servers, premium points (for top 3 winners).</b>

<b>Some important informations:</b>
- Check our <a href="">Server info</a> page about all server configuration informations.

- Check our <a href="">Wikipedia</a> for informations about tasks, quests, systems etc..

<img src=""/>

We hope to see you on Trapera!

This news may be edited on days.

Trapera Team
09.07.20 12:03:12
Edited by GOD VodkaGuN
on 09.11.20 19:34:21

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