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Big Update - Work In Progress
by GOD VodkaGuN
GOD VodkaGuN

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Big Update - Work In Progress
<b>Dear Traperians,</b>

You are for sure asking yourself what's going on with Trapera.
We have the answer.

We are already working 1 month on a <b>big update</b> and we will still work approximately 1 month on it.

Our objective is to fix all gameplay issues before launching again Trapera because there is many of them and the game ends pretty fast (on 150~ level).

There is also missing some fun and challenge when there is no wars.

We found solutions for all points and we are working on them, you can check our development to do list on our public trello: <a href="">Trapera - Development To Do list </a>

If You have also some proposals, do not hesitate to speak with us about them.

You can expect new edition of Trapera on middle/end of January 2022.

Be sure to join our <a href=""> Discord</a> to get all notifications about news and the starting date.

Trapera Team
29.12.21 13:59:15
Edited by GOD VodkaGuN
on 29.12.21 14:35:43

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