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New Trapera..
by GOD VodkaGuN
GOD VodkaGuN

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New Trapera..
<b>Dear Traperians,</b>

With our first edition, we reached 850 players online, but was It a succes?
Not really, because we were not ready for that!
The gameplay was ending too fast, there were too many bugs etc..
With each edition, the amount of players was lower and lower and we never asked ourselves the good questions..
The potential of this server is big so we decided to do things right this time.

Before making anything, we surrounded all problems:
<b>- There is no fun when no PVP
- There is no challenge on server
- The server is not winning enough money
- End game is reached too fast</b>

After surrounding all problems, we focused on finding solutions and we found them keeping the soul of <b>RPG & PVP no P2W server.</b>

27 january 2022 at 17:00 CET!
All registered players before the start will receive <b>24h of PACC.</b>

We are working for 2 months on this BIG Update.
All informations of what we changed, below:

<b>Vocations balance:</b>
The most important thing in this game is a good vocation balance. We modified all formulas of spells and runes and they were approved by some PVP Masters on our test server on last weekend.

<b>Graphical Presentation:</b>
For players who discover totaly Trapera.
<a href=""> - Graphical Presentation</a>

<b>New outfits:</b>
Golden Outfit, Champion Outfit, Conjurer Outfit, Ranger Outfit and Arena Champion Outfit.
Few of them will be obtainable in quests, others in shop.
<img src=""/>

<b>New Monsters:</b>
60 new sprites & scripts of monsters.
Few of them are just higher Tibia monsters with adapted loot. Others are custom monsters for dungeons, quests & exp places.
<img src=""/>

<b>New Items:</b>
40 new sprites of items has been added. More items, more content, more fun :D
Almost all of these items are already configurated and ready to use!
<img src=""/>

- Aldo is now repairing Firewalker Boots for 20k.
- A Sweaty Cyclops has been added. He trades soul orbs for infernal bolts.
- A load of NPCs created for Missions

<b>New systems:</b>
<b>- Tasks</b>
We have fully reworked the task system.
Now when you speak to one of our two NPCs (Grizzly Adams or Grizzly Lola) you can have a view of Active, Avalaible and Done Tasks.
You also have informations about all rewards, killed count etc..
Now you can also take more tasks at the same time and repeat them few times.
More informations there: <a href=""> - Task System</a>
<img src=""/>

<b>- Rare Loot Animation</b>
Sometimes when you kill many monsters at the same time and you drop a rare item, you have to check all bodies to find it and it's pretty borring. We decided to create a system that will show you which corpse has a rare item.
There are 3 levels of rare text colors:
Orange for pretty rare items
Light green for rare items
Light blue for very rare items
More informations there: <a href=""> - Rare Loot Effect</a>
<img src=""/>

<b>- Autoloot</b>
Classic auto loot added with commands.
More informations there: <a href=""> - Autoloot</a>
<img src=""/>

<b>- Reward Bag</b>
Before we can change the whole engine and implement Reward Chest system we installed something similar.
Special bosses will give a loot bag for all players that damaged him. Lootchances will be different for all players.
More informations there: <a href=""> - Reward Bag</a>
<img src=""/>

<b>- Daily Tasks</b>
Each day you can make 1 task that will unlock you the possibility to get your daily reward.
More informations there: <a href=""> - Daily Tasks</a>
<img src=""/>

<b>- Daily Bosses</b>
Daily bosses system has been added to have fun day-to-day.
More informations there: <a href=""> Daily Bosses</a>
<img src=""/>

<b>- Tibia coins for first advances</b>
To reward power gaming try harders we added the Tibia coins for first level advances system.
More informations there: <a href=""> - Tibia Coins for Level Advances</a>
<img src=""/>

<b>- Dungeons</b>
We have added 3 more dungeons.
More informations there: <a href=""> Dungeons</a>

<b>New Tasks:</b>
44 new tasks has been added.
You can check the list there: <a href=""> - Tasks list</a>

<b>New Premium Features:</b>
As we said, we had to fix all problems and one of them it was poor shop.
We decided to give some more advantages for premium players, to make their gameplay more enjoyable:
- FACC players can take only 2 tasks at the same time and repeat 2 times vs PACC can do take 3 and repeat 3.
- Loot message info is only for premium users
- Animated arrow and text for the Rare Loot is only for PACC
More informations there: <a href=""> - Premium Benefits</a>

<b>New Shop Offers:</b>
As we said, we had to find things to let the server win more but without making it Pay 2 Win.
Thanks to this, we will be able to spent our full time to work on Trapera.
- Gold Converter
- Autoloot unlocker
- Backpack of holding
- Mortal and Physical Amulets (Arm: 3 and protection to death 6% or physical 6%)
- Experience scroll (20% better exp for 2h only 1 use par day)
- Vocations Backpack (28 slots and +2 to each vocation skill for - exemple +2mlvl for mages)
- Items Box (give a random in-game valuable item or from shop)
- Zaoan Chess Box
- Tibia Coins Scroll
- Blue Djinns Access
- Green Djinns Access
- Rashid Access
- Whacking Driller of Fate
- Golden Outfit
- Modern Addon Doll

<b>New town:</b>
New town, Agardia, has been added with many new exp places, missions, quests and dungeons.
<img src=""/>

<b>New Quests:</b>
- <a href="">Agardia - Access</a>
- <a href="">Agardia - Gates</a>
- <a href="">Rashid - Access</a>
- <a href="">Djinns - Access</a>
- <a href="">Gates Rush</a>
- <a href="">Hard Annihilator</a>

<b>Interactive Map:</b>
<a href=",15,position,458,496,7"> - Interactive Map BETA</a>

<b>Updated Wikipedia:</b>
We updated the most of missing informations on Wikipedia. We are still working on it till the server start.

<b>New exp stage:</b>
Now there are more tasks and can be repeatable so the exp stage needs to be a littlebit lower: <a href=""> - Exp Stage</a>

Red Skull: 5 frags.
Ban: 10 frags.
1 frag expires 8 hours.
Ban lenght: 3 days.
Experience for killing higher level players.

We hope this is enough to make your gameplay more enjoyable. Do not hesitate to join our <a href=""> Discord</a> where we are very active.

You can follow our <a href=""> Development Trello To Do List</a>.

More modifications will come soon before and after the server start, we have big projects.

Trapera Team
24.01.22 09:34:52
Edited by GOD VodkaGuN
on 25.01.22 21:22:14

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