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New system, changes, the future & House Event
by GOD VodkaGuN
GOD VodkaGuN

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New system, changes, the future & House Event
<b>Dear Traperians,</b>

<center><b><font face="metamorphous" size="4">House event on our <a href="">Discord</a></font></b>
Send your best house picture on <b>#-house-event</b> discord channel.
We will choose 3 bests pictures and then players will vote for the best one.
<b>1st place: 800 TC
2nd place: 5 pacc days
3rd place: Experience scroll</b>
Participations end on 01/02 at 18:00 CET
Votes from 18:00 CET to 19:00 CET

We created new <b>advanced save system</b> which is fixing the lag of 5 - 10s and sometimes kicks.

List of changes:
- PZ bug on magical demons fixed
- Svargrond arena exit teleport fixed
- Stairs, right from karmia depot fixed
- Added minotaur & cyclops trophies to Rashid
- Another bug with djinns fixed
- Added Heavy Mace to Rashid
- Whacking Driller of Fate is working as pick now
- Machete is now working well

We are aware that you encounter still a load of bugs on Trapera and we apologize for that.
The problem is the <b>old engine</b> that we use, it's just totaly holed and we can't work on it anymore, there is too many misses.

There are better engines on this days and we take the decision to migrate all our server files on a <b>new engine</b>. This will permit us to run a server that has basical functions working well.

It will also permit us to focus on creating new content and we will be able to do it easier.

This migration will take a load of time, so we will start focusing on that mission at the end of this week.

We will be there for critical errors fixes but all others, minor bugs, will be skipped because we need this time to make the migration ASAP.

New content will come this week too, but after that week we will mostly spend our time on the new engine.

We hope that you understand our decision and you realize that's the best thing to do for a better future of Trapera.

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and engagement, we see your passion for our server and it is motivating us.

Trapera Team
31.01.22 06:41:05
Edited by GOD VodkaGuN
on 31.01.22 12:14:57

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