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Update & Double loot
by GOD VodkaGuN
GOD VodkaGuN

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Update & Double loot
<b>Dear Traperians,</b>

We decided to <b>double the loot this weekend</b>. It will ends after the monday's server save.

<i>Most of things will be available after 06/02 server save</i>

1. New monsters, exp place and task for them (In Souleater Cave) :
Werebadger, Wereboar, Werebear and Werewolf.

2. New high level tasks with NPC Grizzly Lola:
- Elfus
- Black dragon
- Traperius
- Hero lord
- Souleater
- Weremobs
- Asuras
- Hellspawns
- Ghastly dragon
- Falcon knight
- Falcon paladin

3. Added a system to delete dungeon bosses if players die inside.

4. NPC Yasir has been added in Dragemia depot.

5. Less deff on hellspawns

6. Added opals to few recently added monsters (Souleaters, Elfus, black dragons, traperius)

7. Opals can be sold for 500gp with NPC Hanna

8. Two new missions with NPC Frello on Agardia (for magic shop access, better food and Feroxa raid access)

9. New items added for missions and Wolf Backpack, Trophy of Feroxa and Werewolf Helmet (from Feroxa boss).

10. Added Feroxa boss and raid.

11. Grizzly Adams is now buying all trophies.

12. Added Onyx Flail to NPC Alesar and Relic Sword to NPC Rashid.

Be sure to <b>update your client before playing after 06/02 server save.</b> (Quit and launch again for update)

We are also working at Runemaker module for our client. It is almost ready so you can wait that update on days.

Wikipedia and task list will be updated soon with new content.

From now we will focus on new engine migration.

Trapera Team
05.02.22 20:40:06

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