Server Status: Online

Players Online: 8

Client Version: 8.0 (custom)

What's Trapera and Oldera?

Trapera: Normal server wipes with data transfer at the end of each wipe.
(Rewards at the end of each wipe for top 5 players)

Oldera: Lifetime server which receives all transfered data (accounts, items, characters etc..) from Trapera before wipe.

How does it works?

Experience stage on Oldera till 200 level is a little bit lower than on Trapera to motivate new players to start their characters on fresh wipes.

There are 2 differents websites for both servers: and

Players will be able to connect to both servers with the same Trapera Client.

Character Names, Account Names, Guild Names, Emails will be unique. So if your nick is "John" on Oldera you won't be able to make "John" on Trapera.

All updates/changes will be applied on both servers.

When your character will be transfered to Oldera, you will loose your house and your items will be transfered to your depot.
(For the first transfer, houses will be keeped)

There will not be a possibility to transfer characters from Oldera to Trapera and vice versa. The only possible transfer is at the end of each month from Trapera to Oldera.

Accounts are not connected between both servers.

What rewards?

At the end of each wipe on Trapera, top 5 level players will be rewarded with tibia coins.

Winners will be able to choose where they want to receive their tibia coins, Oldera or new Trapera wipe.

If the top 5 level player has been banned at least 1 time for cave botting, he will not receive reward.

1 - 5000 Tibia Coins (equivalent to 25€)
2 - 2500 Tibia Coins (equivalent to 15€)
3 - 1800 Tibia Coins (equivalent to 10€)
4 - 1000 Tibia Coins (equivalent to 7€)
5 - 550 Tibia Coins (equivalent to 3€)

If you won a prize be sure to contact the support on Discord before the transfer!
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Client: 8.0 (custom)
Online: 8
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