Server Status: Online

Players Online: 7

Client Version: 8.0 (custom)

Premium Account
Trapera is a free to play massive multiplayer on-line role playing game. Players are able to enjoy the game, free of charges, for as long as they want. However, if you are having fun playing Trapera, you might want to consider purchasing a premium account which may just extend your gaming experience to a whole new level. The following benefits come with owning a premium account:

You get 10% more experience

PACC can take 3 tasks at the same time and repeat them 3 times, FACC can take 2 and repeat 2 times.

Loot Info
Only PACC can see Loot info message from killed monsters.

Rare Loot animation - BETA
Only PACC players can see the Rare Loot arrow and text animation.
Check the systeme there: Rare Loot animation

PACC can stay on trainers 12 hours per day, FACC can stay 10 hours.

Thanks to having a premium account you will be able to purchase in-game houses for gold coins!

New Outfit
Ability to wear premium outfits and addons.

Free sipping to all towns/islands.

Ability to sleep in beds which are located in houses.

There are even more premium features! Find every new aspect of premium account for yourself!

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Server Information
Client: 8.0 (custom)
Online: 7
Save: 6:00 CET
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